Enjoy Seattle With A City Wide Dining Tour

cityIf you are looking for ways to enjoy Seattle, look no further than the wide array of culinary options that await you in the Emerald City. World renowned for endless options and choices, there is something in Seattle that will please even the pickiest of eaters. Whether you are looking for freshly caught seafood or looking to taste the bounties of the earth, you can find what you seek in Seattle. One of the keys to the city’s tourism success is How Seattle dining appeals to all visitors with it’s wide variety of cuisine. Visitors from far and near love to visit Seattle to whet their appetite and enjoy the limitless options the city’s dining scene offers.

Seattle is one of the country and world’s premier places to eat seafood. With an ideal seaside location close to fresh, coastal waters, Seattle’s fish mongers haul in a daily catch renowned worldwide for it’s quality and variety. Visit the local fish markets and see for yourself what amazing seafood bounty comes from Seattle’s waters.

Seattle is also renowned for local produce. Fresh grown and locally harvested squash, potatoes, corn and other delicious produce is found readily available and on display in many main dishes throughout the city. Seattle’s chefs are well aware of the goodness and plenty the Seattle countryside offers and strive to showcase the local market in their menus and throughout each season. Whether it is a creamy, local pumpkin soup in fall or a lovely spring greens salad topped with a locally produced goat cheese, there is something to make you enjoy Seattle and the vibrant dining scene the city offers.

For adventurous diners, food is the way to enjoy Seattle. Seattle offers a wide variety of cuisines. From Thai to Ethiopian, Vietnamese to Mexican, Vegetarian to Brazilian Steak house, American fare to exotic fare from all around the world Seattle has what you want. Seattle is known for it’s variety and diversity and prides itself on offering cuisines from around the world.

Another major hallmark of Seattle’s dining scene is the abundance of rich, handcrafted, expertly roasted coffee. Coffeehouses in Seattle serve as a cozy and relaxing backdrop to enjoy Seattle’s sights and scenes. Many coffeehouses feature delicious, locally baked goods and house made sandwiches featuring local meats, cheeses and produce. Seattle bakers supply wholesome, fresh baked bread and pastries that can make the perfect cup of coffee into a delicious morning breakfast or the perfect pick me up afternoon snack. Seattle is also emerging as a major beer brewing hotspot. Many breweries offer tours and these tours are a great way to spend some time learning about beer and sampling the locally made craft brews.

When people come to visit and enjoy Seattle, part of what they always remember is the delicious food and unique dining experiences they had in the city. Seattle offers all visitors a wide variety of cuisine to chose from and offers foodies new, exciting, cutting edge dining experiences and options allowing everyone a taste of what they want. With the wide variety of cuisine and Seattle’s taste for flair, adventure and the unique, finding something that pleases your palette is always a fun adventure in the Emerald City.

Enjoy Seattle and all it has to offer while you explore new taste sensations, cuisines and the best of your tried and true favorites. With all the options and variety open to you, the hardest part will be deciding where to go first. Make the decision easier and take a walking and dining tour of Seattle. Stop for snacks and meals along the way as you navigate the city’s neighborhoods, shops, cultural sights and attractions. Ask the locals where they like to eat and stop in to visit their recommendations for a drink and a bite. Uncovering hidden gems in Seattle’s dining scene will help you find flavors you have never experienced in a city unlike any other. When you start to explore and experiment with cuisines, options and flavors available in Seattle, you will understand why it the city is world renowned for it’s food. Take advantage of and enjoy Seattle’s variety of cuisine and enjoy taking a dish by dish tour around the world.