What Is the Space Needle and Why Is It a Must See for Seattle Visitors?


What is the Space Needle and why it’s a must see for Seattle vistiors? The Space Needle continues to draw both residents and tourists of the city of Seattle each year, primarily for its expansive view of the city. However, how many people actually know what the Space Needle is and the history behind this impressive piece of architecture? Finding out a little of the history of the attraction may bring to light why many people enjoy Seattle each year.


Many people have been able to enjoy Seattle via the Space Needle when it opened in April of 1962. The tower, standing at 605 feet, was completed in just one year’s time. The construction of the Space Needle was one of the most ambitious projects in the country of the time. At the time, it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River and completed with no loss of life in record time.

20 years after its completion, the Space Needle got its first set of major renovations equaling the original cost of construction. Ten years after this, the site first hosted its fireworks celebration on New Year’s Day and made the Space Needle an annual favorite for both locals and travelers from around the world who want to ring in the New Year with a spectacle.

However, the tower received an even grander makeover in the year 2000 with a $20 million renovation. Both the SpaceBase retail store and Pavilion Level were rebuilt. Exterior lighting was also added to the Space Needle, the SkyBeam or Legacy Light was added and the Observation Deck was revamped. However, one of the most heralded changes occurred at the tower’s famous revolving restaurant. It was officially renamed SkyCity along with its redesign.

Current Attractions

One of the first things to come to mind when people think of the Seattle Space Needle is its famous revolving restaurant. SkyCity Restaurant makes a complete circular turn so that patrons enjoy a full view of the city. In addition to a brunch, lunch, dinner and kids’ menu, SkyCity also features the Celebration Club to keep members aware of special promotions and other news about the Space Needle.

Many people also enjoy Seattle through the Observation Deck that allows them to see an incredible array of wonders such as the Puget Sound. Mt. Rainier is also visible in addition to the many skyscrapers that also color the Seattle Skyline. Those who want to see the wonders of the Cascade Mountains can also enjoy the expanse of the mountain range. Even the everyday rhythm of the city takes a different tone from the deck.

There are also a number of events that take place over the course of the year visitors may enjoy. Many enjoy Seattle through the fireworks on the Fourth of July that can be even more dazzling from the Space Needle. Patrons can even attend private events for a number of occasions. Banquets, parties, holiday celebrations and many other kinds of events are frequently held at the SkyLine level reserved for private events and banquets.

Another way to enjoy Seattle via the Space Needle is to enjoy the building itself. The building has a unique design with an hourglass shape. Even those who do not study architecture in any way will be impressed with the unique structure of the building even before they head inside.

Seattle Packages

Some people go beyond the Space Needle in order to enjoy Seattle to its greatest extent. In fact, one of the ways to maximize on the Space Needle experience is to get a package deal to see other sites along with it. In fact, many people say that it is only necessary to stay on the Observation Deck for about an hour in order to get the full effect.

After that, many visitors will go the adjacent Chihuly Garden and Glass, a nice departure from the contemporary and futuristic feel of the Space Needle. The lush outdoor garden and interior galleries provide a serene escape in addition to the centerpiece of Chihuly, the Glasshouse. Those who want to enjoy Seattle in a different way can visit both the Space Needle and Chihuly for a full day of fun.