Enjoy All That Seattle Has to Offer


Why is Seattle an Outstanding Place to Visit?

As the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle has been attracting travelers and new residents for years. People enjoy Seattle for many reasons, including its vibrant downtown neighborhoods, numerous cultural points of interest, incredible dining options, world famous coffee, and so much more. Seattle is a diverse and bustling metropolitan area set against the backdrop of the beautiful Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountain region. There is no shortage of activities and cultural sites in this exciting city.

Popular Points of Interest

Visitors can check out the Seattle Space Needle, a landmark in the city’s skyline. At 605 feet high, this unique tower is perhaps the city’s best recognized symbol. It was built for the World Fair in 1962, and today visitors can take in incredible views from the observation deck. The Space Base gift shop is full of fun souvenirs for travelers to take home.

The Pike Place Market is a major draw for tourists and residents alike. Situated on the waterfront downtown, the market sells all kinds of locally made and grown goods. Shoppers can pick up a bouquet of flowers, fresh fish, and unique artwork by local artists. It is free to take a stroll around, so visitors can simply enjoy Seattle sights and sounds any day of the week.

Pioneer Square is the best place to visit in the city to get a better understanding and appreciation for Seattle’s history. The neighborhood has the distinction of being one of the first in the Northwest, and the buildings maintain an authentic appearance to this day. It is also the perfect place to take the Underground Tour, which takes visitors through subterranean passages that were once the main streets of the city. During the course of the 90 minute tour, legends and quirky tales are all revealed. It is a must for history lovers.

Dining and Cuisine

Visitors enjoy Seattle for the many culinary and cafe options. Just about every type of cuisine can be found among restaurants in the city. There is no shortage of fine dining establishments, as well as quick cafes offering snacks, sandwiches, coffee, and more. The pacific Northwest is known for delicious seafood, so no trip to the city would be complete without indulging in some freshly caught fish.

Arts and Culture

The Seattle Art Museum is home to one of the best collections in the country. From classic European paintings, to modern sculptures, the museum has many interesting pieces on display. Olympic Sculpture Park is an extension of the museum, and is situated outdoors on nine acres of land. It is free, so visitors do not even need to spend any money to enjoy Seattle on a beautiful day.

For music lovers, Seattle is known for bringing about some of the best acts in recent decades. The music scene is as vibrant as ever downtown, so visitors can catch live shows in bars, intimate venues, and spacious auditoriums.


Sports lovers will enjoy Seattle teams taking the the field, like the Seahawks, Sounders, and the Mariners. There are also many college teams for fans to cheer on. The Seattle Sounders soccer team draws thousands of fans to each game, and is one of the most popular sports in the city. Baseball lovers can catch a game with the Mariners at Safeco Field.

Access to Canada and the Northwest

Seattle is the perfect place to use as a starting point for visits to nearby cities in Canada, as well as to the Olympic rain forest. Cruise ships take travelers from the Port of Seattle up to British Columbia and Alaska. Ferry trips are popular with those seeking a trip to the San Juan Islands for some fun in the sun.

A Big City with a Friendly Vibe

Although Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, it offers both residents and visitors a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With so much to see and do, tourists will have to choose what sights to see and places to visit. There is no shortage of diversity, so people from all walks of life can feel comfortable while they enjoy Seattle and all that it has to offer.